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When I did a review on Helsinki Fashion Week , I was amazed by how talented Fins designers were and how they are into sustainable fashion. The creativity and fresh ideas in that field are very inspiring. I’m thrilled about this, and also, I promised to go deeper into the fashion brands that are willing to make an effort on sustainable fashion. One of them is NO/AN, I shortly did a little preview on it, but now we’re going to put it in the spotlights and get to know who’s behind this fantastic high-end handbag line.

It all began in 2016 as a reaction to the overconsumption and the fast speed of the fashion industry. The Fins designer Anna Lehmusniemi, based in Brussels, gained her skills by working for several fashion brands. Furthermore, she found her passion for accessories with the handbag as a source for inspiration. The focus is on a concept of a single collection which can grow and evolve over time. NO/AN is not tied to any seasonally trends with the beauty of long-lasting. Recently, Anna introduced a new style, named the ‘Bold Bag’, ass well new colours which will appeal the confident and stylish men.

It’s produced in small series, underlying the exclusionary of the brand. The bags are made in Portugal in a family-owned atelier, to secure the craftsmanship and quality. One of the trademarks are double leather handles as well the graphics and geometrical lines that recall the Nordic landscapes and architecture.

The reason for choosing this brand is because it breathes luxury and everlasting joy. Also, the vision behind it makes it all sense to go for timeless fashion and invest in designers that’s creates a signature. NO/AN makes a difference in the fashion- industry, and we have to follow that path.

NO/AN has been featured in Vogue Runway, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle US, as well as Vogue. It, Vogue Brazil, Vogue Australia and Marie Claire and now on Urban de Luxe by Kate.

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Honestly, choose wisely your bag and see it as a long-term investment.

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