The flawless Let&Her Collection AW18/19

We all want, secretly, be the owner of a Let&Her handbag. Well, I’m one of the owners, and I can handle all the looks when I’m entering the room with my bag. For all the Let&Her addicts, I keep you updated with their newest collections. It’s all worth it. As we turn into a new season, we must expand our wardrobe. Of course, it’s risky, but it’s almost Christmas. Think, see it as an investment.


Let’s start with the ‘Dakota’ clutch and ‘Apache’ pouch. Make it you’re must-have! These are the ones that go everywhere with you, on a night out, lunch date, randomly during the day and you can put it away in a bigger bag. You can juggle with those bags.

The ‘Apache’ Pouch


The ‘Dakota’ clutch

Then we go BIG with Fortuny with pouch. No comment, primary colours but the one with the blue-grey shade you can make a statement.

We can’t forget the big bag and mini bag. These are classics. Also, every season the designers of the Let & Her add new colours and prints to the collection. Something I look forward to every season. No doubt, these are the IT-bags.


We save the best for last with ‘Aztec’ collection. This one stands out because of the mix of colours and the prints. It’s gorgeous. They come in big, medium, medium with a strap or small. Also the prints, the dots and stars and

There is more on the website:

I hope you will enjoy this collection and don’t forget to come back when Let & Her arrive with the SS19 collection.


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