Helsinki’s Runway

I believe in the power of sustainable fashion, and it’s time to stir this around. Helsinki Fashion Week isn’t the most attractive event on the agenda. But, who cares? One of the most beautiful cities on the planet decides to have a Fashion Week, with a primary focus on 100% sustainable fashion and uniqueness. It’s the future, and they pulled off a lovely week with a mix of International and Nordic fashion. It is an excellent result of original and ecologically produced fashion. Enough said I picked tree Fins fashion brands to talk about.


Let’s start:

a u b e r g i n 

The label is born in 2015 with a launch of a capsule collection and designed and created by the duo Nevean Holmes and Anna Uimonen. The designs are relaxed and effortless although every piece of garment is made with a big focus on detail and clean silhouettes.

These are pictures of  a u b e r g i n AW18


MEM by Paula Malleus, just the most outstanding fashion brand that I’ve seen in a while. This 100% what we mean by a new trend in the clothing industry. I want to see more! It burst of talent and a strong vision of upcycled fashion. (upcycled means, all material (excluding all component) are collected from past consumer textile wast flow). At the moment, all products are produced in Finland. Paula Malleus is also Co-found Remake Ekodesign which is a pioneer on a Finnish upcycled Field. I’m a big fan, maybe you’ll find out more on my blog!


The final one… NO / AN, the slow fashion bag brand. Conceived in Brussel (yes,  a little bit of chauvinism, can’t hurt) by Finnish designer Anna Lehmusniemi. The brand saw the light in 2016 and a role model for sustainable accessories.  The bags are made in Portugal at a family-owned atelier (see FAM the label, my previous article). Full artisan craft (one handbag at a time) and expertise with solid natural grain leather.
The trademark of the brand is double leather handles and also collection’s graphics and geometrical lines.


I hope this article gave you new perspectives on the world of fashion. I’ll back with more sustainable fashion!



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