FAM the label: for the versatile woman

I love to introduce a new high-end Belgian fashion label. It’s Fam the Label, the newbie in fashion land. Yes, I’m very excited about it, and after this article, you should be too. FAM represents the strong woman that has to juggle between motherhood, businesswoman, sexy wife as the designer herself. It represents a strong vision behind the label, what makes it more than just mainstream.
The story behind ‘the label’ makes it more powerful, that it is possible to make a turn in your life and following your passion. The power of entrepreneurship, finding your companion and creating together a fabulous fashion brand. That gives it an extra and makes it all worth it!

Also, it is ‘slow fashion’, it’s a trend that we need to support. What means high-quality fabrics, with respect for the environment made in exact circumstances. The materials are made in Portugal and brought to a local atelier. That small atelier represents high quality and is essential to the FAMily. Bringing love and passion into their field makes the collection exclusive.

The collection is small but strong, feminine, sexy, everything for the woman that loves beauty and that chooses for quality above quantity. It represents fashionistas that want to make a powerful message through their outfits. Fam the Label meets all those requirements.

Let’s look at the collection AW18 of Fam the label

These are my favourite items of the collection (but they score all very high)

The left: the jacket in grey with a green stripe makes a subtle statement during the day but also for a night out in the city.
The right: I love the denim dress, very feminine and elegant. But you can wear with a sneaker or high heels, just the way you want to wear it.

I hope, honestly, to see more of FAM the label. So, I can’t wait till the next collection comes, and that will be for Summer 2019.

Do you want more? Go to FAM the label website: https://www.famthelabel.be

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