Its time to run the city with ‘MUNTHE’

It’s been a while since I wrote an article but holiday and family time are also important. But back to business. I’m starting with a fabulous Scandinavian brand ‘MUNTHE’. I don’t know what it is, but I always return to Scandinavian fashion. But I love everything about the ‘North’ since my first visit in 2009.

Munthe was found in 1994 after significant success Naja Munthe did in 2014 a relaunch of the brand. With victory! What I love is, that the designer is involved in every aspect of the brand. That means being a designer and CEO. You see the passion in the designs. It’s a perfect combination of street style and uniqueness.

The clothing is lovable and expresses every aspect of the Scandinavian way of life. Also made with high-quality fabrics. The collection A/W 18 is a perfect match for the urban fashionista. Sturdy and very feminine with a combination of stripes and floral prints. Munthe succeed to make an exquisite collection for every woman. Every piece is unique so that it’s wearable during the day but also in the evening. Perfect for a people that have a modern city life, so that they can move as a chameleon in the urban jungle. I love the combination of deep indigo blue, yellow and brown.

A preview of what is coming for A/W18


Backstage at Munthe A/W18

It’s typical Scandinavian fashion. The silhouettes are relaxed and show comfortably to wear. The designs are minimal but with an edgy twist. What you can’t discuss, is the quality! I have a lot of Scandinavian brands in my wardrobe, but Munthe is every season very high on my list.

I will follow this brand for the next season because I’m eager to see more of ‘MUNTHE’!  Time run the city with ‘MUNTHE.’

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