Façon Jacmin: A denim brand to invest

There is a new denim brand that will conquer our hearts. No doubt about it. I assure you of it. It’s time to put Façon Jacmin into the spotlight. ‘Façon Jacmin’ is a high-end Belgian Denim brand that was found in 2016 by the twin sisters Alexandra and Ségolène Jacmin.  The studio is in Brussels, and the boutique is on four-wheels moving around the country and crossing borders (their ‘Façonette’).

Interior Façon Jacmin
Studio in Brussels

The twins are influenced and passionate about Japan and embracing its rich culture and lifestyle.  Also, the denim is origin from Japan (region Okayama). What makes it so unique? Well, the unique texture, colour (the dying process is traditionally an essential ingredient), method and the weight. I’m not going that technical. The important thing you need to remember is that the qualitative denim and the pieces are fabricated in Europe by artisans and denim specialist. They even collaborate with the renowned Natan.

‘Time to invest in the best denim brand and wear it as  a cult.’

For this year the collections is called ‘Out of the Blue 18’ and they have collection that’s available through the whole year, nl ‘ Timeless Circle’

The most recent collection is ‘Out of the Blue 18’

This collection is pure refreshment. Japanese indigo – white denim and the blue embroidery makes it exclusive with an attitude. I love the silhouettes, makes it sexy and feminine. No doubt that this need to be part of our denim wardrobe. You have many options to pick a piece and combine it with how you want to wear it during the day or evening and make a statement!

Let’s turn them their heads and aksing themselves how amazing you are with a unique Façon Jacmin garement.

My favorite musthave of the collection: 

White skirt of the Colletion 'Out of the blue' combined with blue shirt
The white denim skirt with white embroidery and a blue shirt. Stands for Urban Luxury!


Timeless Circle is a collection you can find throughout the year,  what makes each garment enduring. Visit the website to discover more about this collection: Façon Jacmin Shop Timeless Collection: Façon Jacmin Shop Timeless Collection


The brand ‘Façon Jacmin’ means for me: dynamic, attitude creative designs, luxury, durable fabrics.

Enjoy the article !

Website: Façon Jacmin
Facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/faconjacmin/


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