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Let’s start 2018 with an amazing fashion brand ‘Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt’. Yes, ‘Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt’ made last year it’s debut in Belgium. So, I’m not going talk to much about the brand. But there are some things you need to know. The brand is established in Denmark and created by fashion designer  Julie Fagerholt. It is one of the most exclusive fashion brands in Denmark. The brand consist also shoes, accessories and fragrance. For me, the brand is a refreshment. I love the silhouettes, sporty twist,  the vibrant colors and the powerful prints. The unique fabrics feels pleasant and comfortable. It’s must have brand in your wardrobe!

(I don’t own these pictures, all rights to the owner / this is a collage of pictures)

The collections comes in fases. We start with SS18 ‘Heartmade Collection 1-2018‘ &  ‘Collection 1 – Tagged by Bex – 2018’.  

The inspiration for ‘Heartmade Collection 1-2018’  comes from everywhere from London to L.A. The collection contains very vibrant  and strong colors, it makes me instantly happy! The main colors for this collection are geen, soft sand and bright pink. Also a the flower and paisley print are strongly present. What attracts me  the most from this collection are the strong colors and the contrast of different styles that makes collection powerful. You can wear it sportive but also a perfect for a night out in the city.


It’s a very powerful collection for strong independent woman that want to look glam but remain classy. The sporty  twist is for during daytime.  You can also see the ‘stripes’ have permanent spot at the collection.

My favorite  outfits are: …


Yes, on the first picture (the full left), I love the cardigan, the color combination pink, yellow, white and green. The second and the right picture, we have the dresses, very SEXY and femine! Perfect for during day but also for evening party (I can feel the Summer vibes). And last but not least,  the powerful wrap dress with the trousers but you can wear is without it and finish it with high heel ( or sneakers… 😉 )

So… this is not the last post about this AMAZING brand. Still coming up:
Collection 2-2018 will be in stores from April 2018.
Collection 3-2018 will be in stores from June 2018

A special thanks to Sofie Fiers (owner of Jax PR) and Caroline Fiers  ( owner of NordiKK and agency of Heartmade Julie Fagerholt).

If you want more information about don’t forget to contact:
http://www.nordikk.be/ and/or http://www.jaxpr.be/

You can find the brand on:
Internet: http://www.heartmade.dk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Julie-Fagerholt-Heartmade-298629580229192/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliefagerholtheartmade/

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