Fresh baby, ‘ FRESH ‘

Ok, I’m not going to talk about the weather outside , you know  its ‘Fresh’. I mean ‘Fresh’ as… a boutique in my hometown Bruges. Located downtown Bruges. The full urban and street style  fashion experience. It’s one of a kind in my hometown. So, you can’t miss it!


The boutique ‘Fresh’ is a mix between timeless Scandinavian fashion, accessoires, sneakers and art from local artists. That’s why you have to visit this boutique. The collections are well picked out and all affordable, what is pretty nice. The brands for the women are Selected Femme, Just Female and the must-have urban fashion label Cheap Monday. The big upgrade is that men have a spot in this amazing boutique and they have a wide choice of fashion brands. They  have also Cheap Monday, Kronstadt & Ontour, Olow, Suit, We are CPH and Dedicated. And for both, the timeless fashion brand Levi’s. So, if your boyfriend goes to ‘Fresh’,you definitely  know he has taste and style!


What about the local artists? Well, my two favorite  artist are Naomi Baeck with jewellery collection ‘Noa’ and Benjamin Van Oost with ‘ artist name Bam Bam’. But there is more to discover at boutique Fresh.

Really, it’s Fresh, no doubt about it, it’s a fine discovery for every urban fashionista. The owner will welcome with all his warm charm, so yeah, it’s FRESH!

With a special thanks to Lori Vandyck for her amazing photography.



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