Oh, Johny be good

Yes, its Johny and he’s so good! Let me introduce a new Belgian Fashion Label, ‘Johny be good’. Actually I have not that much to say then that the fashion label is  a pure, it’s kinda intriguing. The label contains tattooed white shirts and some jewellery. But the main item are white shirts with  the unique embroidered handwritten text illustrated by Axelle Zwartjes. Oh, their muse is Patti Lee :).


The white shirt is a must-have for every urban fashion lover. Classy oversized shirt fits with everything. The shirt contains 100% cotton and are made in Europe. Perfect!



Just go buy it, everything is limited edition, so be fast! Urban de Luxe by Kate will follow this brand. Let’s make a shout out and glam your outfit with the oversized shirts.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/johnybegood.shirts/
Website: https://www.johnybegood.be
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/johnybegood.be/



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