Studio Mimoire

I’m always happy when I discover new fashion labels. This one is newbie under the Belgian fashion labels. I saw Studio Mimoire during a program Tendens on the local television.  Directly, I went to the website and fell in love! Also the story behind the label made me feel connected and intrigued. The designer and founder Katrien Taccoen is very passioned about her founding fashion label.  So, let’s talk about ‘Studio Mimoire’.


Ok, first of all, the designs  are based on the 12 arch-type with Jung described. Actually when you look at the collection your forget about Jung. The only thing you look at is  the fabulous designed personalities.  They have edgy, vintage, contemporary style. It’s different, finally! Katrien had the guts to try something new. No more a text on your sweaters or t-shirt, kick-ass with your personality! You have to show yourself. It’s no nonsense fashion label! Love it! If you personality is a men, wear it! It’s who you are.

Don’t be scared, it very wearable. Combine it with a ripped jeans or chino and sneakers. Or, with a tutu, maxi skirt…  The perfect Urban Style!


Good to know is that’ t-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton and both the textiles and the prints are GOTS certified’.(website Studio Mimiore)

Do you want to see my type? I’m a boxing girl and this guy fits me the best! He looks scary but he’s the chief commander.

“Always in need of physical activity – is competitive and enjoys jobs  others find intimidating – reads Sports illustrated and loves being in a boxing ring …

Famous muses : Kevin Durant – Anna Kournikova – Raphael Nadal” (website Studio Mimoire) 



Urban de Luxe by Kate is a true follower of ‘Studio Mimiore’ . You can follow every update about the label on my facebook page

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