By Malene Birger

Ok, we’re back in Copenhagen, my favorite city that houses many high-end fashion brands. Maybe that’s a big reason I always fall back on Scandinavian brands because their are pure, sophisticated, urban and fabulously chic. They have that something ‘different’ in their designs and I love the Scandinavian way of life. Let’s return to Copenhagen and meet ‘ By Malene Birger’.

The fashion brand was found in 2003 and based in Copenhagen. The label evolved over the past years and is  recognized all over the world. But still, it’s a must have for your wardrobe.  The designs are very feminine, elegant and radiates class. Every item is wearable during the day and evening, it’s how you  want to  combine it. You can’t miss with ‘ By Malene Birger’.  The silhouette, graphic designs, contrasts of colors  are perfectly combined and that makes it unique. The outfit remains chic for any occasion.

Fall/Winter is coming our way. I’ve seen a glimp for  Spring/Summer 2018 and it’s gorgeous ( Yes, I will write about it! ) . First Fall and Winter





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