Dame De Pique

It’s time to promote my hometown Bruges.  They say everything is better at home, well it is!  Definitely when it comes to shopping I have my favorite boutiques.  For me, personally, it’s important when you enter a boutique you get a ‘hallo’, feel the warmth,  the interior and off course the collections … the package must be perfect!


The most inspiring boutique in Bruges is Dame de Pique. Not that I’m going there every time for shopping but it triggers me in certain way.  Amazing collections, visions that stands-out and the power to try new brands.  A mix of brands that is build on a strong philosophy and years of experience.
Always wanting an own business but due circumstances they found a perfect match.  Dame de Pique saw the light 4 years ago, arise on dreams of the owners.  That’s what I love about this, sparkle in the eyes when you talk to the owners about their dreams.  The barrier falls when you finally enter the boutique and meet the collections (and the owner).  They succeed in creating an exclusive vibe.  It’s time to get out your comfort zone and to try pieces for your wardrobe and discover new brands.


As I said before with Dame de Pique  you have to step out your comfort zone.  You see the collection items and thinking ‘wauw’ but should I try this on? For some reason, you can’t resist it. Because what you see is mostly for trends in Belgium. It’s hard to go not with the flow and be conspicuous in a good way.  Dame de Pique is doing it perfect, a nice balance with brands that return every season and new brands. So, every season you can find something new you can’t find somewhere else.  The fun thing about it is that you see her brands appear later in other boutiques.


The collections of Dame de Pique differ from other boutiques and that expresses in the brands she has chosen for the boutique.  It’s encourages you try something new because not every brand is well-know and its fun to have a piece that not everyone else has.  From the famous Belgian brand LN | Andes versus a newbie Scarves and Stuff by Solange (also a Belgian brand). The perfect knitwear when it’s getting cold this winter. There are Scandinavian high fashion brands e.g. Custom-made, Hunky-dory and By Malene Birgers. The outsiders are the Hungarian brand Nanunshka, German based brand Dorothee Schumacher and Dutch brand RikaRika. Added with jewelry brands Anne Thomas and Belgian brand N.M.K.  So, you don’t get bored while fitting. It’s my favourite thing discover new fashion brands and try something new.

I’m a big fan of Scandinavian fashion brands so my heart goes out the Danish brand Custommade.  Custommade is a fashion brand based in Copenhagen.  aLike the designers of Custommade describe “offers” an array of urban essentials appealing to modern-minded and cosmopolitan women who crave simple sophistication” I couldn’t describe it better.   Well, go out and discover these brands at Dame de Pique. You won’t get disappointed!


ps: I do not own the pictures but these are from the new collection

Website: http://www.damedepique.be
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/damedepiquebrugge/





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