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Urban is my love, no doubt about it!  You always have a connection with brands that have the same philosophy and vision of style. So, the fashion brand SET became a part of my wardrobe. All the time I was convinced that SET was Scandinavian fashion brand, it’s a German brand! I have Sherlock  Holmes skills. For a fashionista it’s important to have knowledge about fashion brands that making part of her lifestyle!


What makes SET unique? Well, their designs are wearable with that extra urban authenticity. They’re a mix and match for every occasion, what is important if you want make a statement with your outfit. The leather pieces returns every season in the collection, for that sexy edgy add. I love the leather! So, I can describe SET: elegant, urban, sexy, unique, authentic.  Things that Urban Women love! It’s easy chic during the day and edgy authentic sexy for the evening.


Looking forward to see more of the new collection. These are the item from the new collection, that makes my favorite.



You can find SET at the high-end boutiques in Belgium. I recommend to go to the website

ps: I do not own the pictures, these are from the new F/W17-18 collection

SET website: 
SET Facebook:

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