Frederiek Van Pamel

I can wait till October but sometimes thing must be said in advance.  There is only one address I can imagine for exclusive interior and décor and that’s  ‘ Frederiek Van Pamel’. It isn’t a brand but when you have something from Frederiek’s  boutique in your home, well … you win! From décor items, flowers, candles,  garden objects till everything you want to have (definitely I want to have it).  But there is more than his boutiques.  Frederiek Van Pamel helps you out with decorating the event you hosting and everyone is going to talk about the decoration instead of the event, bummer!

There is an extra plus … the service! When you enter the pop-up in Bruges, a lovely hallo, what makes you comfortable while you’re enjoying the interior and getting  inspiration.  Even when you ask for help , she’s helping you out with her knowledge  and passion. If you see something, buy it! The pieces are unique, if you comeback there’s a possibility  it will be gone (that’s something you have to avoid)

So, I’m very curious about the re-opening of the boutique. It’s located at the Ezelstraat, Bruges. Not hard to find because every local can show you the way.  For now, Frederiek Van Paemel opens a pop-up at the Ezelstraat, yes the same street where the new boutique will be located. And if you still can’t get enough, there is also a boutique  in Ghent.

Enjoy decorating your home!

ps: I do not own the pictures.

Adresses: POP-UP store: Ezelstraat 13, Bruges (citycentre) & Onderbergen 43, Ghent
Website: (the website is under construction)


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