Jessie Lecomte

Some are born with talent for designing. Her name is Jessie Lecomte. I follow her collections for a while and I still overwhelmed with her pure designs. For me she’s a little bit  mysterious but that’s why I want to see more of her collections. It’s a sweet escape in design and it’s an inspiration.


Jessie Lecomte studied at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and worked later for top fashion houses in Belgium. I’m very happy she made the step to her own brand Jessie Lecomte. The collections are very feminine and have a sexy silhouette. Also with  a contemporary twist with some sophisticated designes.


My favorite item is the sweater with the bird! This matches with everything. Combine the sweater with ripped jeans or a very nice plissé skirt. The colors are beautiful  what makes a statement to your outfit. Fit’s the Urban style!


I hope it’s getting Fall/Winter very soon, just to have this sweater in my collection and wear it of course 😁. What else!?

Ps: I’m not the owner of this pictures.


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