Mercedes Elena: Vibrant Jewellery

Let’s make a throwback to Copenhagen. I wasn’t there on a city trip. I followed a pottery course at ‘Tortus Copenhagen’.  It was very intense, trust me, but I handle it pretty well.
Time for a confession, I loved the jewellery in his boutique more than the pottery (Oops… ). The jewel caught my attention because of the vibrant colours and the uniques designs. I’m a blogger and fashionista, and I’m always eager to discover new fashion and jewellery labels.  So, I introduce ‘Mercedes Elena’ Venezuelan roots based in Paris.

God, I love the jewellery of ‘Mercedes Elena’, the label is hard to find, and that makes it more unique and interesting.  The pieces are handmade, and that’s why they produced on a small scale. It’s important to keep an eye on the authenticity and high quality of the jewellery.  She finds her inspiration in antique jewellery, folk-art and crafts around the world. What did you expect? She’s born in Venezuela and living in Paris, in a city where a lot of identities gather together. You see her roots in her jewellery.  The designer Mercedes Elena workes with unique materials and special techniques. What it makes every bit a unique! A MUST-HAVE, if you find it ;).

You can describe the jewellery as colourful, vibrant, unique, textured, intricate and delicate.

The best way to follow the jewellery label is on Facebook and Instagram. There’s also a website (Yes,  time to give me a gift under the Christmas tree)


You can always follow updates from Mercedes Elena on my Facebook

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