Let & Her

Oh, the handbag I adore. Let & Her handbag is THE hot item of my handbag collection. I discovered the handbag a while ago in Antwerp but for  some reason I let it go and it became a dream. Till one day my birthday came along … and BAM it was mine! Love the handbag so  much and fits for  every occasion.  It goes with the urban chic style!


Let & Her isn’t just a handbag, it breathes luxury!  The fabrics are very high quality, made of cow but vegetal and crafted with non toxic product in the Italian tannery.  Someone with an eye for durability  and style see that these handbags are high-end fashion products. Also the color combinations are fresh and young! They have the classics to.

You can recognize  the handbags at the flap! Mostly it differs from exterior and the leather cords.

This one is coming soon in more colors. ‘ The mini bag ‘ . That will be on my bucket- most-wanted -item list. Go to www.lether.co to see more of the collection.


Don’t forget Let&Her has Belgian roots, so it can stand next to Delvaux!

ps: I don’t own the pictures. The right owners are Let&Her




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